International Indian Cultural Festival 2022

Event Date : Saturday, November 5, 2022

Event Time : 6:30pm EST onwards

Event Location : Online Platform

About the event

The goal of the International Indian Cultural Festival 2022 (IICF 2022) is to preserve and foster Indian culture in an international setting. It will have music & dance performances from different genres including classical, and modern style Bollywood, featuring the arts & other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarding sustainability across cultures through promoting understanding among individuals within these communities globally -all while keeping our traditional values alive for future generations too! International Indian Cultural Festival 2022 (IICF 2022 is organized by The Society for Makers, Artists, Researchers and Technologists (SMART Society) formed in 2018 is a non-profitable organization that aims to foster a spirit of Making, Entrepreneurship, Research and Development, invention, and innovation, and application of technology, promotion of art and culture with technology and design. The SMART Society Canada is engaged in organizing numerous technical conferences, journals, workshops, hackathons, business meets, science and technology exhibitions, and artists' exhibitions every year.IICF 2022 will have music and dance from different genres including Fusion, Pop, Semi-classical, Modern, Bollywood style, Garbha, and Bhangra.


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